1.   How can I register in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Signing up for Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com is simple! All you need to do is, fill out the required information in the Registration page and click on the Submit button. In home page as well as in every page's header portion you will find a link to Registration page. Please click here to register.
2.   What are the benefits of registering in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Creating a matrimonial profile and signing up for Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com allows you to find your best half in an easy and fast way. Following listed are some of the astonishing features provided by Lalsaisindhimatrimony.
  • Create your personal profile so that other prospective matches know about you and contact you.

  • You can create a preferred match profile of your prospective life partner to ease your partner search.

  • You can upload your photographs, videos & horoscope to your profile to increase getting responses.

  • You can express your interest to people to other members as a free member.

  • You can save profiles for future reference.

  • You can send personalized messages to profiles you like.

  • Share your favorite profiles with your family & friends.
3.   Can I register in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com for Free?
    Of course you can register free. But you can't access all services of Lalsaisindhimatrimony like expressing interest in other profiles, sending them messages, using our chat services. We recommend you to register as premium member, it's affordable.
4.   Can I register a profile on behalf of a relative or a friend?
    Yes you can! In the specified form you can specify your relationship with the person on whose behalf you're creating a profile. But make sure that you are providing all correct details.
5.   During registration, I cannot find my religion, caste, mother tongue or occupation. What should I do?
    Don't worry. Not an issue at all. During registration you don't need to provide these details at all. Once your account is activated you just select the option "Other" given in the drop down for time being. At any point of time you can return and update this information.
6.   Can I change all information in my profile later at any time on Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    You can skip Referral Code, Middle & Last Name Fields and Zip Code during registration. Please remember that you have to give details in mandatory fields which are marked asterix.
7.   Can I skip any fields on the registration form or when creating my profile?
    You cannot skip any information during registration. But you can skip some fields while creating your profile. Remember that you have to give details in mandatory fields which marked asterix.
8.   After completing Registration, I have received an activation link. How can I activate my account?
    You have to click on the activation link that you have received in your email account. Clicking on the link will activate your account and you can continue to login after that.
9.   How can I know how much % is my profile completeness?
    After you are logged in, you can see the % of your profile completeness in your member home page. A symbolic representation will illustrate your profile completeness.
10. How can I upgrade to a Premium Member? How to upgrade my membership?
    In your Member Home Page, you can find the Payment Options in the navigation bar. Click on it to display the page which offers features about Premium membership & membership choice. You can choose your membership & click on Upgrade button. Follow the instruction to complete the process. After making the payment you can become a Premium member & also upgrade your membership.
11. What is the significance of 'Preferred Partner Settings' page? Why should I add details? What advantage do I get       filling the page?
    In the Preferred Partner Settings page you have the opportunity to write about the kind of life partner you desire. This in turn will help you to get matches. As per your choice & settings, the database will search for similar profiles & get matches for you fitting your criteria or very much near to it. In the My Matches option you will get to see the profile that matches your criteria of preferred partner.
User Account
1.   I forgot my user name, what should I do?
    No Problem. Just follow the steps given below.
  • Go to the VivahaBandhan login page.
  • Click on Forgot Password link.
  • Enter your email id you have used to create your profile or just type in your User Name.
  • On validation your password will be sent to your mail box.
2.   How can I change my password?
    Existing users can change their password at any given time and there is no restriction for changes. Log on with your User Name and existing password. Click on "Change Password" in the "My Profile" tab in the upper navigation bar or from "Account Settings" section in the member home page. In the fields "New Password" and "Confirm Password", enter your new password and submit the form. Your new password is activated. The next time you log on to your page, you will have to use this new password.
3.   How can I change my E-mail ID?
    Existing users can change their Email Id at any given time and there is no restriction for changes. Log on with your User Name and existing password. Click on "Edit Address" in member home page. In the fields "Email Id", enter your new Email Id and submit the form. After that an E-mail with the activation link has been sent to the contact E-mail address you submitted.
About Membership
1.    What is the premium membership?
    Premium membership is the ticket to get access to a raft of useful and unique features provided at Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com which are not available for free users.
2.    What are the features provided for Premium users?
    Get access to a raft of useful and unique features like sending personalized messages to the profiles you like. Mark profiles as your favorites. Share your favorite profile with your friends and family, ignore users from which you don't want to sent messages etc
3.    What are different Membership plans available?
    Currently three membership packages have been introduced. User can select any of the following membership packages according to their convenience.
4.    I am a free member how to become a Premium member?
    At any time a free member can become a premium member, by upgrading their membership. To upgrade membership click on Payment option "Upgrade Membership" at navigation bar and click on "Upgrade Now" button.
Payment Options
1.    What are different payment options available at lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    To become a premium member you can use the option "Pay by credit card". We accept HDFC Credit Cards.
2.    How do I make payment in India?
    Currently we support only payment through credit cards. For payments please go to "My Membership" page from Payment option tab in the upper navigation bar and click on "Upgrade Now" button and you will be redirected to our payment gateway.
3.    How to I make payment from outside India?
    Currently we support only payment through credit cards. For payments please go to "My Membership" page from Payment option tab in the upper navigation bar and click on "Upgrade Now" button and you will be redirected to our payment gateway.
4.    Can I pay online using my credit card?
    Yes you can! At any point of time a free member can become a premium member, by upgrading their membership. For payments please go to "My Membership" page from Payment option tab in the upper navigation bar and click on "Upgrade Now" button and you will be redirected to our payment gateway.
5.    How secure is the payment transaction in lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Your payments are more secure than anything as we are using Secure payment gateway using 128-bit SSL encryption.
6.    While paying for Membership or Upgrading, can I pay through cheque, DD and cash?
    Yes. In the navigation bar of your home page click on Payment Options and two choices of making the payment are displayed there. Clicking on the Other Payment Options, different payment methods to ease the user needs have been provided. There you will get details about how to complete your payment through cheque, DD and cash.
1.    How can I search for different profiles in lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    lalsaisindhimatrimony.com supports three kinds of search options for its users. Quick Search, Simple Search, Advanced Search & Categorical Search. As a free user you can only perform a simple search. But as a premium user you can avail the other two above mentioned search options to get much more precise results.
2.    In which order the partner search result is listed?
    Based on the search criteria, member records are listed. But all members can use sort functionality to display their search results.
3.    What is Simple search?
    This is a quick search option provided by lalsaisindhimatrimony.com to find your better half. By just selecting the sex, age range, community and country as your search criteria you can perform this search. A vast range of records are displayed during this search compared to other options. This feature is available to free members also.
4.    What is Advanced search?
    Advanced search feature offers numerous options for making your prospective searches more precise for getting more useful results. This feature is available only for premium users. You have a wide range of criteria available for this search. Using this feature you can easily pull out the unique profiles which best suits your search criteria.
5.    What is Categorical search?
    Categorical search feature is a premium user feature that contains the categorical options for setting the context of the search. This feature provides a mechanism for users to narrow down their search to a particular category and thus increase the likelihood of finding more matching records.
6.    How do I search for profiles through ID?
    Using this feature you can easily search for a particular profile using their unique profile ID. To perform this search you have to login to the system and should access the categorical search page. Once you are there just click on the "Profile ID Search" and enter the ID.
7.    Can I Save my search criteria?
    Yes you can! amritsindhimatrimonial lets you save the criteria used for any search for later use. You can then easily perform the same search again without having to input the whole sermon again.
8.    Can I search the profiles in local language?
    Yes. To ease the user needs, language options in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi etc. has been provided where you can search the profile in the local languages of your choice. You can select the option on the top of the search page. After selecting the language, all the details about the profile will be shown in the selected language.
9.    Can I see the profiles in Thumbnail's view?
     Yes. You can select the option on the top of the search page. After selecting Thumbnails, all the profile will be displayed organized one after the other in reduced sizes.
1.    Why should I add my photo in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Photos are the quickest way to increase the response rate to your priceless partner search. It is highly recommended that you upload photos with your profile and maintain a complete photo album.
2.    How many photos can I add as a Free User?
    As a free user you can add up to 5 photos to your profile.
3.    How many photos can I add as a Premium User?
    As a Premium user you can add up to 5 photos to your profile.
4.    How much time will it take to validate my Photograph?
    Due to security reasons your uploaded photo will go through a screening phase which will not take more than 24 hours.
5.    What is the maximum size of the photo?
    You can upload photos having a maximum size of 350kb.
6.    Which format photos are supported in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    You can upload photos with extension .JPG/.GIF.
7.    Can I edit/delete my photographs?
    Yes you can! At any point of time you can edit or delete your photos. Just click on "Manage Photos" link in the "My Photos/Videos/Horoscope" upper navigation tab "Manage Photos" link in the "My Photos" upper navigation tab.
8.    How can I change my profile photo?
    It's simple! You can set any of your uploaded photos as your profile/primary photo. Just select any photo of your choice in your album and click on "Set as primary photo". Your primary photo will be immediately changed.
9.    How can I request a photo if the profile has preferred to keep it locked or no photo is displayed in the profile?
    If the photo is locked or there is not photo displayed, you can select 'Photo Request'. Clicking on it once will send your request to the profile of your choice. You have to be a Registered Member to send Photo Request.
10. How can I lock my photo?
    In you Member Home Page, on the top navigation bar, My Photo & Video Uploads, clicking on Manage Photos will display a page where you can do varied activity with your photo. If you want to lock your existing photo, just select it and choose lock photos. Your photo will be locked. To unlock the photo, select Unlock Photos.
11. If I fail to upload photo online, do I have the choice of sending my photo to Vivahabandhan office to upload my photo?
    Yes. If you are unable to upload your photo online, you can e-mail your photo to Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com. You can also send your photo via post to any of our offices. Just mention your matrimony ID at the back of the photo.
12.    When can I upload my photo?
    You can upload your photo after successful completion of your registration.
13. How can I view the photographs of the profile?
    If the profile has provided photograph, you can see the image. If the profile has provided more than one photo, you can click on the number to view the photographs or click View album on your right hand side. If the profile has not provided the photo or if it is locked, you can send a photo request to view it.
14. How can I view user profile?
    You can just click on the Profile ID or the photograph of the profile to view the user profile.
1.    How can I send personalized message to other members in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Personalized message feature is accessible only to premium members. As a premium member you just need to login to the system and go to "My Messages" tab in the upper navigation bar and click on "Compose" link. In the compose page just write recipients Profile Id, Subject and Message and click on "Send" button.
2.    What is the Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com messaging system?
    Compose your own personalized emails send to other members. Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com messaging system allows you maximum freedom to express yourself completely in a manner you decide, and is available only to our premium members.
3.    How do I respond to a message that I received?
    You can reply to any emails that you have received from other people. To respond for a particular message just open the message, edit it and click on "Reply" button.
4.    Can I save my messages in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Yes you can. Just select the messages that have to be saved and click on "Save" button. Your messages will be saved in "Drafts" folder automatically.
5.    How long will my message box be active?
    Your session will expire if your system remains idle for more than 10 minutes.
6.    How do I delete my messages?
    To delete your messages just click on the "Delete" link provided in the table. You cannot retrieve these messages once deleted.
7.    How can I send SMS to a profile of my choice?
    After you take the Basic Search, a page displaying many profiles based on your search criteria will open. You can select a profile of your choice & click on Send SMS on the right hand side. Just type the message & click Submit to send the message. This facility is available only for the premium member & not for free member.
8.    After performing activities like send message, show interest, forward, etc. will I receive any alerts?
    Yes. In your Member Home Page, you can keep a track of whatever activities you are doing. There are different sections for each activity where you will be kept updated regularly through automated alerts.
Express Interest
1.    What is Express Interest?
    Express interests is a feature through which you can express your interests in the profiles you like. This is not a paid feature. You can Express Interest in a member by sending a preformatted message. E-mail will be sent to the opposite member (without revealing your contact information) expressing your interest.
2.    Will my contact information be revealed to the member I have expressed my interest in?
     No. Your contact information will not be revealed. Through express interest feature you can select a preformatted message and sent to the profile you liked.
3.    How do I send personalized messages to the member who has accepted my interest?
    To send personalized message you need to be a premium member of Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com
4.    Can I "Express Interest" in a member more than once?
    Yes you can. There is no restriction on the number of your express interest messages.
5.    How do I accept/decline a member's interest?
    You can accept or decline interest messages expressed by other members on you. For this you just have to click on the "Accept" or "Decline" links provided. All the interest messages expressed by other members which you have accepted are maintained in "Interests Accepted" folder.
My listing
1.    I want to save a profile. What should I do?
    You can save a profile to refer it later. For this you just have to click on "Save" button in the appropriate member record which will be displayed on the search page. This feature is only available to premium members. You can maintain a list of saved profiles in "Favorite Profiles" section. This is purely for your reference and cannot be viewed by anyone else.
2.    Can I share a profile with my family?
     Yes you can! It's really easy to forward the profiles of your interest online with family and friends in Lalsaisindhimatrimony. What you should do is to click on the "Forward" link, add the email address of the person you want to send it to, along with the subject, and we'll do the rest. This feature is only available to premium members. You can maintain a list of "Forwarded profiles" section.
3.    I don't want to receive any messages from a particular member. What can I do?
    If you do not wish to be contacted by a particular member you can use "Ignore" feature. By applying the "Ignore" feature to a member's profile, you prevent the member from sending you any kind of interests or Personalized messages.
1.    I am interested in becoming a franchise of Lalsaisindhimatrimony. Can I take the franchise of Lalsaisindhimatrimony in my city?
    yes. You can take the franchise of Lalsaisindhimatrimony. But for that you have to meet the requirements and fulfill the criteria laid by Lalsaisindhimatrimony management. To learn about the requirement criteria, please contact Lalsaisindhimatrimony team.
2.    What is the procedure to take the franchise?
     The most important factor is that you should meet the requirement criteria of Lalsaisindhimatrimony management. You can approach the Lalsaisindhimatrimony team by filling the form available online currently. Click on 'Interested in franchising' at the home page and fill the mandatory details at the Franchise Request Form. Click Submit to send the form. Lalsaisindhimatrimony team will get back to you.
3.    Can I advertise with Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Yes. You can advertise with Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com.
4.    What is the procedure to advertise with Lalsaisindhimatrimony?
    Advertisers can approach Lalsaisindhimatrimony by clicking on 'Advertise with Us' on the home page. Filling the information given on the page, the advertiser can approach the Vivahabandhan team. If the advertiser wants to write directly to Lalsaisindhimatrimony, they should send an email to Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com at the top of the home page.
1.   Lalsaisindhimatrimony has both online & Matrimonial centers. Can I go to its local Matrimonial centers after registering online?
    Yes. You can visit Lalsaisindhimatrimony Matrimonial centers after registering online. However you cannot use your online login id in Matrimonial centers. You will have to register there as a new member to enjoy the benefits that Matrimonial centers offers.
2.    Can I use my Lalsaisindhimatrimony Matrimonial centers id in Lalsaisindhimatrimony online purpose?
     No. Matrimonial centers id and Lalsaisindhimatrimony online id are different and a registered member under either of the two cannot use it for both purposes. You are required to be registered differently for both of them.
3.    Can I use my online Id in Lalsaisindhimatrimony centers as a login ID?
    Lalsaisindhimatrimony centers id and Lalsaisindhimatrimony online id are different and a registered member under either of the two cannot use it for both purposes. You are required to be registered differently for both of them.
4.    How can I add my success story in Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    On the member home page you will find 'Submit Success Story'. Click on the link to go to the page where you can fill in your details & provide your story. Click Submit to complete.
5.    How can I report abuse?
    Report Misuse is provided on the down navigation bar. Non registered member have to register first to report abuse. Registered member can click on Report misuse on the member home page and fill in the details. Click Submit to complete.
6.    How can I give my feedback at Lalsaisindhimatrimony.com?
    Feedback is provided on the down navigation bar. Click on Feedback and fill in the details. Click Submit to complete. Lalsaisindhimatrimony team will get back to you on the email id provided.
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